The mkB Retrospective | Part 2 - onanothernote EP

Added by Joseph Thursday 11th of March 2010

Twas a cold day in Melbourne town when I received the call from Mark telling me that Tommy Boy was offering us a deal.

I put my Cognac down on the night stand and proceeded to pack the last of my Black Cavendish into my well worn Calabash. After lighting the pipe and drawing three times to excite the embers I returned my attention back to the telephone;

"Fuck yeah", I exclaimed wittily.

Later that week after many an early morning phone call to New York we had an offer on the table, which was great, except that it wasn't great, it was terrible.

It was your classic screw over the artist, take all their publishing, own their next eight albums, control all their side projects, and give them ten grand to share, kind of contract. This wasn't so surprising, as we were nobodies and Tommy Boy were certainly somebodies.

In retrospect (and that's what this is, a retrospect) we probably should have just signed the contract and been happy to have been the first Australian Hip-Hop act to sign with a New York Label, then maybe some of you may have heard some of our music.

Instead, while this was going, on a small local label had gotten wind of what was happening. With the financial backing of Warner they gave us a counter offer to compete with the one from Tommy Boy. This offer was a sweet deal, lots of money, total control, big budgets, great percentages, no publishing, minimum deliverables.

So after much deliberation and negotiation and expensive-lawyer-money-throwing-at-ing we respectfully turned down the New York offer and signed with the local label.

This was to be our first big mistake, and apart from a seven inch, this EP was to be the only thing we were to ever release through the label.

onanothernote EP 01 - Heatman.mp3 (5.11 MB)

onanothernote EP 02 - I Try.mp3 (5.29 MB)

onanothernote EP 03 - Monkey Business.mp3 (4.71 MB)

onanothernote EP 04 - Weathering Industry.mp3 (4.31 MB)

onanothernote EP 05 - Whoops.mp3 (4.32 MB)

onanothernote EP 06 - Positive Minds Attract.mp3 (5.48 MB)

onanothernote EP 07 - Summer With You.mp3 (5.82 MB)

onanothernote EP 08 - Lollipop.mp3 (5.15 MB)

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